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Looking for your floral designer ? We're booking 2024 !

Dernière mise à jour : 9 avr.

You're now engaged to the love of your life and start planning your dream day, it can be super exciting and scary. To skip the "scary" step you need to be surrounded by professionals you trust.

You're looking for a floral designer? You're at the right place. At Alkonost, we are here to help you to realise a "vision", we don't only provide you flowers we are here to build your dream floral design. We love wild, lush, modern and poetic designs. We pay a lot of attention to the quality of the blooms and materials we work with.

Our consultation process start with our contact form, it's a base to start a conversation. Fill it up and we'll reach you if your wedding date is still available.

If it is still available we'll set up a call, to chat and know you more. During this call, we really want to know what's important for you, the abundance of flowers you want for your day, we collect informations on the place, and we start building a link. Then we have enough informations to send you a first quote.

If you sign with us, it means you love and trust our work, we'll do our best to make your day memorable. We provide a personal service. Each wedding is different, we take time to make unique designs for each one. We want you to have sparkles in your eyes and big smiles on your d-day.

We're here for your questions and wishes from signing with us to the end of your wedding (and always happy to know what happens to you next !)

So if you're interested in our designs and our way to work, you can reach us here

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