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How to choose your wedding flowers

You're getting married and you're wondering about what's important, when do you have to contact your vendors and what budget to allow to the floral decoration. Lately we answered a few question about these topics for the junebugweddings team, you can fin the whole article on their website just here

Choosing your florist is an important decision as flowers will be a big part of your wedding decoration and determine the atmosphere. Price should never be a main reason for your choice, be careful about low prices they always hide something, it can be a lack of experience or knowledge.

Feel free to share your budget and inspirations with your vendors, he will help you to create flowers in the style you love in your budget range. He will give you advice for the best seasonal flowers because they're less expensive and more beautiful than imported product. A good florist will always be honest to you, he won't sell you pinterest pictures of 15K wedding flowers for 3K but will help you to create an atmosphere in your budget range and give you advice to improve costs.

Our best advice is focus on STATEMENT florals ! If you have to save costs forget about accessories and put budget on a statement floral composition your guests can enjoy. Choose a ceremony we can re-use after to decor the diner room...

Don't be afraid to ask question about the experience of your vendors, how does he manage heat and others installation details. You can even ask to share some pictures of real weddings he did :)

Trust your feelings ! You have to feel comfortable with your vendor and go with somebody you really like the work and style not to be disapointed.

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